Don’t miss out – We get started January 20th!

Join USA Fit East Bay for a healthy start to 2018 and train for a 10k, half, or full marathon!

USA Fit East Bay shows beginning and experienced runners they can achieve a long-distance finish, either 10k, half or full marathon training.

Thinking about setting a new fitness goal for 2018? Train with USA Fit East Bay to complete a 10k, or the half or full San Francisco Marathon. Or just run with us for fun, fitness or to meet new friends!

Couch potato? Seasoned marathoner? No matter what your conditioning or pace, there will be others to train with. USA Fit East Bay coaches will help you achieve your goals in a non-intimidating, fun, friendly environment. We meet at a variety of East Bay locations each Saturday and provide a training schedule to follow during the week.

Register online at to reserve your spot, or register in-person at our orientation and kick-off on January 20th, 8am, at Osage Park in Danville. Come check us out and see what YOU can achieve!Questions? email us at